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In the context of the recent revolution in the field of entertainment, digital media is a major part of the entertainment industry today. The technology that’s utilized to produce and distribute these forms of entertainment can be classified into two main categories – video and audio. Each one of these categories has its own particular needs, styles and capabilities.

Digital media includes any media which are digitally encoded in machine-readable formats. Digital media can also be produced, viewed, transmitted, modified and stored on digital electronic devices. The most commonly used formats are text, animation, digital sound and video. These formats work very well with computers and other electronic devices.

Multimedia, also known as multimedia presentations, is a specialized category of entertainment. A presentation is made using computer software, graphics, sound and images. It can be interactive, based on any existing data, or completely computer generated. These types of presentations allow multiple people to interact in different ways.

The television industry is one area of the entertainment industry, which uses multimedia extensively. A number of television shows and movies use various multimedia techniques to enhance the viewing experience for viewers. They include live shows, reruns, re-runs, re-run shows, specials, series re-runs and even re-runs of classic shows.

The most popular form of multimedia today is animation. Animation consists of a series of videos where a character performs an action or speaks a line. It is one of the more popular forms of entertainment today because of its high degree of creativity, quality and visual appeal.

With the ever increasing popularity of the internet and its ability to produce multimedia, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between digital media and traditional media. It is estimated that within the next ten years all forms of entertainment will be affected by the growth of the internet.

One such form of digital media is a web site. Web sites can consist of websites, blogs and forums. Some web sites contain photographs, sound and music while others contain text or images.

Web sites are usually created and edited in a text-based format so that people can add their own content. This process can become complicated and time consuming if the site contains pictures, audio and video. Some web sites can use Flash, Java or ActiveX to enable interactive features.

Some web sites include other forms of digital media as well. These include videos, images and text files which can be viewed by other users as well as administrators. Some websites can also contain widgets and plug-ins. These plug-ins are computer-in programs, which are typically used to enhance the look and functionality of a website. Other web sites can contain web search engines, databases, game players and other types of features which can be used to make websites more functional.